Endless Layers, Barbara Stanley Gallery

“For me my work is like a living thing, it never stops, it embraces and fascinates. I am influenced by everything; even the apparent boredom of things has a meaning. The link between people and landscape intrigues me and the endless layers that lie therein. I think Gerry Walker (The Irish Arts Review) summed up my work very well when he said, ‘Her land and seascapes are immediate, painterly, gestural in their execution. Her figurative paintings are introspective and contemplative. They work on a different but related level. For Egan landscapes are like people – moody, complex, dynamic and never finite’.”

Margaret Egan

Gallery Details:

Barbara Stanley Gallery
United Kingdom

Email: enquiries@barbarastanleygallery.uk

Exhibition Details:

Margaret Egan’s solo exhibition ‘Endless Layers’ will run from 17-30th September 2013 in the Barbara Stanley Gallery, London.