The Nature of Life, Barbara Stanley Gallery, October 2015

“The nature of life is what this show is about. I was lucky enough to be working around Loop Head in Co Clare earlier this year and it literally took my breath away. There is something about the ocean that is spellbinding, it has a rawness and serenity, a freedom “to be” that excites and stimulates and I hope I have captured some of that in this work.
The figurative pieces explore the nature of living with all its realities, possibilities and dreams and all the philosophies that lie behind that, all of which I never tire of exploring.”

Margaret Egan

Gallery Details:

Barbara Stanley Gallery
This exhibition was held at
2a Bathurst Street,
Hyde Park
London W2 2SD


Exhibition Details:

Margaret Egan’s solo exhibition ‘The Nature of Life’ ran from 1-21st October 2015 in the Barbara Stanley Gallery, London.